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Wednesday, 09 April 2014 17:31

Allan Hyde As 'Pieter' In "Heartless"

We finally have a full character profile of Allan's role as 'Pieter' in the upcoming Danish Mystery/Drama, "Heartless"! Thanks to the official website for Heartless, Kanal5 DK Heartless we can have a look at all of the characters and the amazing actors who play them!

As 'Pieter' is described:

"Pieter is a tense and alternately domineering and submissive person."

"His bitterness has turned to sadism in him when he does not feel loved, accepted, or at least seen. Too often, he wanted to give his heart to someone who either did not want it, did not notice, or did not find him attractive."

"Pieter is afraid of losing its position as prefect, and he follows therefore Ditlev with every move, for fear of losing his position."

"On the surface, he is a handsome, aristocratic young man, but nevertheless a person who lacks self-confidence and you do not want to be alone with."

"Heartless" debuts on Danish channel, Kanal5 on April 28th, 2014 at 21.00!

Keep watch on for more information as it comes in for "Heartless"!

Sources: Pieter's Profile Page and Heartless Main Page
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